Financial Information

When you give to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, you can be confident your gift will make a difference.

Here’s Why:

  • It will be used strategically, where it will have the greatest impact. Our programs help women and girls who need it most—those who face the highest risks, and who live in urban and rural communities with the fewest services, including remote northern communities.
  • It will be wisely invested. All of our funding decisions are made by trained volunteers who scrutinize grant proposals, visit organizations that apply for funding, ask a lot of questions, then recommend the best ones. All of our strategies are developed in consultation with grassroots and academic experts, and led by our highly experienced Board of Directors.
  • It will be leveraged. Every year, we receive donated goods, services, and time. We keep costs down by negotiating discounts.
  • It will be prudently managed, in accordance with the highest ethical standards.
    We have strong internal control systems, and we regularly monitor them. We prepare Financial Statements according to established accounting principles, and our Board of Directors reviews and approves them four times a year. Every year, independent external auditors conduct a full audit of our financial books and records.

Learn more about how we invest your money wisely by reading our annual reports, reviewing our financial statements and our most recent charity tax return information, and learning more about our work.

Full Financial Statements