Shockproofing Communities

Soon after the pandemic started, incidents of gender-based violence began to increase. This didn’t come as a surprise to those working in the gender-based violence sector.

When communities are under stress–from disasters like floods and wildfires, economic downturns, or public health crises—gender-based violence rates tend to increase. The Shockproofing Communities project emerged out of the belief that this pattern is preventable if the right conditions are put in place.

“Shockproofing” means addressing long-standing gaps in essential GBV services and equipping the sector to respond to intersectional experiences of GBV. Strategies must take into account the experiences of women and gender-diverse people who face multiple forms of discrimination based on their race, sexuality, gender expression, disability, immigration status, and/or geographic location.

Shockproofing Communities Reports

The Canadian Women’s Foundation and its partners have released several reports that are relevant to shockproofing our communities. While these reports address gender-based violence from different angles, they all attempt to answer the question: “How can we better prevent, eliminate, and respond to GBV in times of crisis?”



Queering GBV Prevention & Intervention: What the GBV Sector Needs to Know (June 14, 2022)

Queering GBV Prevention and Intervention: What Social Service Providers Needs to Know (June 15, 2022)

The Shockproofing Communities project is supported by:

Logos for Women and Gender Equality Canada and Government of Canada

Save the Date

The Canadian Women’s Foundation has partnered with Women’s Shelters Canada to host a National Summit in Ottawa in March 2023 for the gender-based violence sector.

This knowledge-sharing event will give invited gender-based violence organizations from across the country a space to exchange lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic and come up with strategies to shockproof our communities. It will include in-person and online events.

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