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The Canadian Women’s Foundation is the go-to organization for media when it comes to news stories on gender equality in Canada. The Foundation’s spokespeople are often called on to comment about:

  • Gender-based violence, including intimate partner and family violence, sexual assault, harassment, and educating teens about healthy relationship skills.
  • Women’s poverty and economic development, including programs for women in skilled trades, small businesses, and social purpose enterprises, as well as wrap-around supports like micro-loans or childcare subsidies.
  • Barriers that girls face and girls’ empowerment, as well as strategies for building confidence, resilience, critical thinking, media literacy, mentorship, and encouraging careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).
  • Collaborative and diverse leadership for women and girls.

Please note: When referring to or attributing information to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, please use our full name. Please do not abbreviate or use acronyms (e.g. “CWF”).

Recent Features

Media Resources

Inaugural Feminist Creator Prize Winners Announced (March 2024)

New research on awareness of gender-based violence and digital abuse (November 2023)

New Study: Less than Half of People in Canada Know What Sexual Consent Means (November 2022)

New back-to-school survey of parents and caregivers (August 2022)

Critical investment in gender-focused social purpose organizations (August 2022)

At this stage of the pandemic, survey suggests circumstances not improving for caregivers (May 2022)

Almost a quarter of people in Canada feel gender-based violence is “none of my business” (March 2022)

Few are well-prepared to support someone facing gender-based violence (November 2021)

Two thirds of parents are concerned their children have missed opportunities to build vital healthy relationship skills (August 2021)

Almost half of mothers in Canada are “reaching their breaking point” (May 2021)

Advocates provide crucial recommendations for an inclusive action plan for women in the economy (December 2020)

Twelve women-serving social purpose organizations to grow their impact through unique partnership (March 2021)

#Acttogether campaign addresses gender-based violence in the second wave of the pandemic (November 2020)

New poll indicates high public concern about COVID-19’s impact on women (August 2020)

New rapid response emergency grants supporting services for diverse women and girls (July 2020)

New funding for women’s and girls’ initiatives in the north (June 2020)

New report highlights inequities worsened by COVID-19 (August 2020)

Canadian Women’s Foundation launches Signal for Help initiative (April 2020)

Canadian Women’s Foundation launches Tireless Together funding the wake of COVID-19 pandemic (April 2020)

Coalition calls for federal leaders’ debate on women’s rights, gender equality (May 2019)

2019 federal budget continues progress toward a gender-equal Canada (March 2019)

Survey finds drop in Canadians’ understanding of consent (May 2018)

National Gender Equality Network to meet in Halifax next week (April 2018)

Aftermetoo partners with Canadian Women’s Foundation to establish fund for sexual violence support services (March 2018)

Historic 2018 federal budget sets out a path toward gender equality (February 2018)

4 in 5 Canadians believe next generation of women just as likely to experience sexual assault (May 2017)

ALWAYS® partners with Canadian Women’s Foundation (October 2016)

Canadian Women’s Foundation launches #girlpowered campaign by girls, for girls (October 2016)

Canadian Women’s Foundation announces new President and CEO (September 2016)

Only 1 in 3 Canadians know what sexual consent means (May 2015)

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Call toll-free: 1-866-293-4483

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