End Sex Trafficking

At the Canadian Women’s Foundation, our vision is for every woman and girl to live free from violence.



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Sex trafficking is forced prostitution and an extreme form of violence against women. Victims have no choice and no voice.

“People watched as six large men dragged me down the street, and then turned their heads away. The cops laughed at me.”

“The traffickers lit my parents’ house on fire and my mom almost died.”

“I thought my customers were my friends until one of them asked if he could have sex with my daughter. She was two years old.”

“I was 75 pounds and suffering a total body breakdown and a severe drug addiction. There was a contract on my life from the gang.”

Like other forms of human trafficking, such as forced labour, sex traffick­ing is a crime. Many survivors are recruited through a betrayal of trust or the promise of a better life, then manipulated, intimidated, confined, threatened, and beaten. Many are forced into debt-bondage or drug addiction. Few escape, and those who do, face a long and lonely journey to recovery.

We are taking action to end sex trafficking in Canada because it is closely linked to our mission to help women and girls to move out of violence, out of poverty, and into confidence.

We recently launched our five-year strategy to help end sex trafficking in Canada. This strategy is based on the work of our National Task Force on Sex Trafficking of Women and Girls in Canada. Our strategy includes grants to programs that help women and girls to escape sex trafficking and rebuild their lives, public awareness campaigns, and working with community stakeholders to build local action plans.

2016-2021 Anti-Trafficking Programs (PDF)

2010-2016 end sex trafficking programs (PDF)

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