COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Jessica Howard

Jessica Howard

Jessica Howard is Manager, Content and Web at the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Having worked as a journalist, blogger, content strategist and university instructor, she believes that storytelling is key to social change. As a mother of two sons, she is also highly knowledgeable about Lego, Star Wars and Superheroes.

Cruel Summer: 4 Reasons We Can’t Ignore Childcare Issues in the Pandemic

A mother and son wash their hands together

We’re looking at weeks of keeping kids healthy, happy, and active with limited or no access to camps, sports programs, and community services like pools, libraries, and playgrounds. There are other layers to this too, like screen-time skirmishes where kids and parents/caregivers have to fight for tech and Internet access and work and play space—if it’s even properly available in the first place.


“What Defined my Grandmother was Being a Powerful Woman Who was an Inspiration”

Jason and Marilyne on one of their cycling trips to raise money for the Canadian Women's Foundation.

“What defined my grandmother was being a powerful woman who was an inspiration to many others, so that’s why we reached out to the Foundation,” says Jason Ellis. Now, he and his wife Marilyne, are honouring his grandmother, Katharina “Katie” Ellis through their Wheels of Strength 1940 cycling challenge and raising funds for the Canadian Women’s Foundation along the way.


Gaslighting: How to Recognize this Form of Emotional Abuse

A woman looks sadly out a window.

There are many indications that gender-based violence has risen since the pandemic began, and it’s not just physical abuse. Something like gaslighting may not leave visible bruises but it can be a common form of emotional abuse to be aware of, particularly as pandemic isolation measures continue. 


Survey Says: Women’s Services Need Support as we Emerge From COVID-19 Pandemic

Infographic showing survey results

In March, the Foundation invited service providers who focus on women, girls, and trans, and non-binary people to take a survey about the pandemic’s impact. Almost 120 responses came in from throughout the country, revealing the scope of the new challenges and concerns these services and their communities face.


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