9 Big Problems InfographicWomen living on a low income face many barriers to financial stability and independence. When childcare arrangements fall apart or there’s not enough money to pay a dental bill, a woman can find it difficult to finish an economic development program, even when she’s worked hard to earn a spot.

The Canadian Women’s Foundation invests in 3 kinds of women’s economic development programs, focusing on skilled trades, self-employment and social purpose enterprises.

In the Spring 2015 issue of SHE magazine, we explore how ‘wrap-around’ supports—offered at just the right moment—can help women get unstuck and out of poverty. Whether it’s an allowance to buy tools for an apprenticeship or personal support after a family tragedy, these wrap-around services have a lasting impact, helping women overcome emergencies and longer-term obstacles.

Explore our infographic on the ‘9 Big Problems’ women in poverty face.

9 Big Problems

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Wrap around infographic