Download and share this infographic on Equal Pay Day in Ontario, based on our facts on the gender pay gap.

Equal Pay Day Infographic

This Equal Pay Day, there’s nothing equal about it.

Equal Pay Days across regions symbolize how far into the next year women on average work to earn what men earned in the previous year.

On average, women make 88 cents for every $1.00 men make. But there’s more than one gap – there are gender pay gaps.

  • Gap Indigenous women face: 65 cents

  • Gap racialized women face: 67 cents

  • Gap newcomer women face: 71 cents

  • Women with disabilities have a lower average income

Gender pay gaps affect all ages and they accumulate.

It starts in youth summer jobs, impacts student loan debt, and contributes to a gender pension gap.

  • Women retire with about 80% of the pension men retire with.

The gaps are closing, the but the pace is glacial.

  • No company in Canada has closed its gender pay gap.

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