COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Ashley Fleming

Ashley Fleming

Ashley Fleming is a UK-based writer and content creator who contributes to numerous publications, including the Ecardshack blog. The majority of his work covers business ethics and management, but Ashley also creates work about environmental issues and green living.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Board

Professional women in officeGender inequality in the world of work has been a well-deserved focal point of equality debates since second wave feminism’s rise to prominence over 50 years ago. While the pressure to provide women with equal pay for equal work has borne fruit in multiple industries, women still earn an average of 72 cents for every dollar a man makes in Canada.

Gender equality has been even slower to materialise in other areas. One of the most commonly cited examples of continuing inequality in the workplace is the gender weighting at boardroom level – which, for many major corporations, remains dramatically skewed in favour of men.



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