COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Becky Owens Bullard

Becky Owens Bullard

Becky Owens Bullard is the Project Director of the Denver Anti-Trafficking Alliance and is a national trainer on issues of human trafficking, domestic violence and sexual assault. Becky has conducted trainings nation-wide for diverse audiences, created the Human Trafficking Power and Control Wheel, and authored numerous trainings, victim assessment tools and articles on her blog, the Voices Against Violence Project.

Take off the cape: Why using the word “rescue” is harmful to anti-trafficking efforts

Here He Comes to Save the DayThis article first appeared on the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault blog and is re-published with the author's permission.

When I came to the human trafficking field from working on domestic and sexual violence, I was shocked by a lot of things. It was disturbing to learn about the various ways traffickers abuse and exploit victims for labor and sex and surprising to see how frequently human trafficking intersected directly with intimate partner violence, sex assault and child abuse.



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