COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Carly Friesen

Carly Friesen

Carly Friesen is a Toronto-based advocate for equality, artist, and writer. She approaches her advocacy with the understanding that all oppression is interconnected and addresses women's rights issues from an intersectional feminist perspective. 

Rethinking Leadership: The Next Generation of Leaders

A man and a woman take notes during a meeting.

If we want a future full of inclusive, diverse women leaders, we’ve got to look beyond who’s rising from middle management to the C-suite. Girls are surrounded by gender imbalances every day, and when they finally enter the workforce, it’s no surprise that the majority of women can’t We can’t be what we can’t see. […]


Rethinking Leadership: Hiring and Retaining Diverse Women Leaders

A woman writes in a notebook

A workplace is only as strong as its team. It’s crucial that workplaces learn how to support, retain, and advance women leaders. Here is the second part of a three-part series on women in leadership. This week, three trailblazing leaders were asked about how they cultivate more supportive workplaces for women, and empower all women […]


Rethinking Leadership: Inclusive Leadership Qualities That Work

Two women leaders talk in an office, behind a laptop.

In 2019, it’s finally time that we rethink leadership. To build a better society, we need innovative and inclusive leaders that are brave enough to break away from the traditional styles of leading we are all too accustomed to. With that in mind, here’s the first of a three-part series on women in leadership. In […]


Black Women’s Identity in Canada: Parting the Roots of Black Hair with Simone Wright

Image of Simone Wright

This post was originally published on Simone Wright is a dancer, fashion inspiration, business woman, and activist bringing attention to Black histories, Black hair, and Black identity in Canada. In 2017, Simone created , a photo project that shared archival photos of Black hair along with photos of herself, her family, and her friends. […]


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