COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Chynna Laird

Chynna Laird

Chynna Laird is a psychology major, freelance writer and author living in Edmonton, Alberta with her husband, three daughters, and one son. Her passion is helping children and families living with Sensory Processing Disorder and other special needs. To stay on top of her work, you can find her writing snippets, her book information and her author blog at

Back On My Feet

Five years ago, I made the most vital and life-saving decision I’d ever made. I chose to break up a 14-year relationship with the father of my four children. The break up was a no-brainer, really. It should have happened years before it finally did; women in abusive relationships face many barriers to leaving.

I went from a strong, independent, self-reliant woman to being completely controlled by and dependent on someone else. It didn’t help that he was verbally abusive, both to me and my kids. When we actually did speak, his words were filled with sexual innuendos and/or insults, usually in front of the children.



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