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Fay Faraday is a labour, human rights and constitutional lawyer at Faraday Law in Toronto. She is the co-chair of the Ontario Equal Pay Coalition.

Closing the Gender Pay Gap: Canada’s Pay Gap Means Women Effectively Work for Free for the Rest of the Year

2020-09-22T18:34:55+00:00September 14, 2017|Women’s poverty|

The fall equinox on September 22 marks the point in our journey around the sun when day and night are roughly equal.

But with about 30% of the year remaining, it’s also a date to mark a disturbing inequality. For women, this marks “Now You’re Working for Free Day.”

On average, women face a gender pay gap of 30%. The impact of that gap is as if women continued to work from now – mid-September – to the end of the year with no pay at all while men received their full pay. Every year. For their whole career.

While sex discrimination in pay has been prohibited by law for decades, it persists. The gender pay gap remains a human rights crisis that impoverishes women across Canada.