COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Fay Faraday

Fay Faraday

Fay Faraday is a labour, human rights and constitutional lawyer at Faraday Law in Toronto. She is the co-chair of the Ontario Equal Pay Coalition.

Equal Pay Day: Show us the Money

Ontario Equal Pay Coalition graphic - a red circle that reads "show us the money."

A version of this blog was originally published by the Toronto Star. Today – April 10th, 2018 – is Equal Pay Day. Today marks the size of the gender pay gap. It reflects how far women on average need to work into the new year to earn what men earned by December 31st last year. […]


Addressing Gender-Based Violence Helps Close the Gender Pay Gap

Gender Based violence and Gender wage gap

In 2017, women changed the political landscape. Individually and collectively, women asserted their equality rights by publicly naming, shaming and demanding accountability for sexual harassment and sexual assault in the workplace. As we mark the 16 Days of Global Activism Against Gender-Based Violence – the days from November’s International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women […]


Closing the Gender Pay Gap: Canada’s Pay Gap Means Women Effectively Work for Free for the Rest of the Year

The fall equinox on September 22 marks the point in our journey around the sun when day and night are roughly equal.

But with about 30% of the year remaining, it’s also a date to mark a disturbing inequality. For women, this marks “Now You’re Working for Free Day.”

On average, women face a gender pay gap of 30%. The impact of that gap is as if women continued to work from now – mid-September – to the end of the year with no pay at all while men received their full pay. Every year. For their whole career.

While sex discrimination in pay has been prohibited by law for decades, it persists. The gender pay gap remains a human rights crisis that impoverishes women across Canada.



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