COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Jessica Howard and Keetha Mercer


Jessica Howard is Senior Writer at the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Having worked as a journalist, blogger, content strategist and university instructor, she believes that storytelling is key to social change. As a mother of two sons, she is also highly knowledgeable about Lego, Star Wars and Superheroes.   Keetha Mercer, Manager of Violence Prevention Programs at the Canadian Women’s Foundation.  Former youth facilitator and program designer, conflict resolution specialist, and social justice enthusiast who has worked for over 10 years in feminist organizations. Former punk rocker, aspiring herbalist, chocoholic with one too many tattoos who enjoys laughing at her own jokes and is semi-seriously planning her escape off the grid.

How We’re Making Teen Healthy Relationships Programs Stronger Than Ever

For Ben Lord, the Making Waves program was a game-changer.

“The program opened my eyes to a lot of things I hadn’t thought about before, like how a lot of relationship problems are about gender.”

He attended the teen healthy relationships program, which received funding from the Canadian Women’s Foundation, when he was a high school student in New Brunswick. Teen healthy relationship programs help participants break down gender stereotypes, recognize the signs of abusive relationships, and practise the skills they need to develop healthy ones.

Although teen healthy relationships programs are offered across Canada, there is a lack of coordinated efforts to link and support these programs.



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