COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Krista James

Krista James

Krista James is the National Director of the Canadian Centre for Elder Law, and a staff lawyer with the British Columbia Law Institute. Krista’s work is focused on the legal and policy issues that impact us as we age. Over the years, Krista has worked with women’s centres and non-profit community organizations serving low-income people in BC. Krista has authored and co-authored a number of reports and studies in relation women and aging, all available at

Invisible Survivors: Supporting Older Women who Experience Sexual Violence

An elderly woman holds hands with a younger woman

Since the #MeToo Movement grabbed headlines, many have woken up to the realities of sexual assault and harassment. For too many women, the barriers to leaving an abusive relationship remain steep, and that includes older women. Who do you picture in your mind when you consider sexual violence against older women? Do you see a […]



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