Straight Outta Misogyny: From the Big Screen to the Bigger Picture

2017-12-19T17:32:30+00:00October 16, 2015|Gender-based violence, Guest bloggers, Women in media|

Woman looking awayOk. I’m going to make a lofty attempt to connect the misogynoir* and misogyny in Straight Outta Compton - Dr. Dre’s violent past and Ice Cube’s women vs. bitches theory - to state sanctioned violence against women/female bodied people (FBP). This violence is in large part due to global socio-political histories that continue to impede women’s progress and autonomy, particularly racialized women.  I’m hoping that the more people who engage the topic of misogynoir/misogyny from this perspective, the more likely we’ll see a change in policy and social norms informed by the state*.

Twenty years ago, Dre assaulted Dee Barnes and other women.