COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Meredith Busteed

Meredith Busteed

Meredith Busteed is part of the cast and crew of We Are Here Production’s and Cue to Cue’s production of Songs for a New World. A proud member of the Toronto Theatre industry, Meredith earned her Masters in Music Theatre from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Past favourite credits include: 9 to 5: The Musical, Assassins (RCS); Puss in Boots, Wizard of Oz (Diversified Theatre); The Mollycoddlers, Up the River (TIP); Blood Brothers (The Rose Theatre); Waiting for Godot (Toronto Fringe); Mary’s Wedding (Queen’s Drama). Songs for a New World has been a passion project for Meredith, and it is thanks to Matt Lacas and Chelsea Johnson, two incredible collaborators, who believed in an idea said “yes.” A heartfelt thank you to her friends and family for their love and support in making this dream a reality.

Talking New Beginnings with We Are Here Productions and Cue to Cue Productions

Songs For A New World is a show about new beginnings, new perspectives and newfound hope when life is at its hardest. It tells the story of our failures and our discoveries. It’s about the stories and the experiences we share. I’m the co-producer and a cast member of the show. And I’d like to share my story with you.



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