COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Sally Armstrong

Sally Armstrong

Journalist and human rights activist Sally Armstrong is known as “the war correspondent for the world’s women.” From Bosnia to Somalia to Rwanda to Afghanistan, her eye witness reports have earned her awards from Amnesty International, Media Watch, the Red Cross, the Canadian Journalism Foundation, and many others. She was a member of the United Nations’ International Women’s Commission, the recipient of seven honorary doctorate degrees, and a Member of the Order of Canada.  In her latest book, Ascent of Women, Sally shares compelling stories of women and girls from around the globe who are rising up and speaking out against brutal atrocities and everyday violence.

The Time for Women is Now!


Earlier this year, Sally wrote a piece for SHE – the Canadian Women's Foundation Magazine, about what happens when women come together to speak their minds and collectively raise awareness about an issue.

What if one billion women around the world stood up on the same day, sang the same song and danced the same dance? What if together they claimed their own space, raised their own voices, took back the night? Would that send the message that 50% of the population has had it with violence against women?



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