COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor is a Personal Trainer, Plus Size Model, Blogger, Beauty Diversity Advocate, Motivational Speaker, Former Miss Plus Canada (2014-2015) and the Creative Director at FabUplus Magazine. Her journey has taken her in directions she never expected, and one of those led her to obtaining Personal Training Certification and opening up her own fitness studio – Fitness By Sarah Taylor. Sarah is passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. She has learned that being an athlete has no size and her mission is to help women on their journeys to their best lives – body, mind and soul. Her passion is to help women see their true beauty regardless of their weight. Sarah openly shares her journey of surviving abuse, self-hatred and sadness to thriving in a place of joy and self-love to give other women hope that they too can overcome anything and see beauty in themselves. Follow Sarah Taylor’s Journey on her blog at

Building a Business Rooted in Self-Love

Picture of Sarah Taylor encouraging another woman who is lifting weights.

When I was finishing up high school and deciding what to take in college or university I had two ideas.  One was to be a teacher because I loved kids, the other was to go into business.  I remember my father saying there was no money in teaching and I felt the pressure to choose […]



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