COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Tara Good

Tara Good

Tara Good is the General Manager of Resilience Fitness, a dedicated yogi and reiki master, and has spent most of her life striving to find places to serve others. She currently teaches yoga classes at Resilience Fitness, 889 Yoga and the Attic, where she is able to bring elements of energy healing to her students and provide space for exploration of the self. For more information on her schedule you can follow her on Instagram @tarag123.

The Resilient Woman

Woman with arms outstretchedEnter 30. Newly separated from my common law boyfriend. Quit my job managing a yoga studio run by highly nurturing, supportive women. Joined a fitness company run by three men with athletic backgrounds. Relationship gone, steady paycheque disappeared, de­nested from my daily support system that I had called my family. Instability at its finest. As I entered this new territory, I was forced to not only find my voice within a new, male-dominated work environment, but also to tear down the old version of who I thought I was and rebuild from scratch. 



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