COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Timea Nagy


Timea is a Survivor of international trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation and is a speaker and social advocate on behalf of human trafficking victims worldwide.  As a result of her experiences, Timea founded “Walk With Me” which is a community based, survivor-led organization to rescue and restore the dignity, freedom and well-being of human trafficked victims.  This is achieved by providing specialized, coordinated and comprehensive immediate first response victim services in Ontario. Within the last two years her organization has assisted over 150 victims of human trafficking.

“Can we interview you about human trafficking?”

TimeaThis blog post originally appeared on Timea's personal blog Timea's view, where she writes about human trafficking in Canada. Timea is a member of our Task Force on Human Trafficking of Women and Girls in Canada.

As a “survivor” of Human Trafficking the request for being on Television, in the Newspapers and being part of a study group for research comes to my email box daily.



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