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Campaign Roundup: Healthy Relationships

NewspapersIn our previous Campaign to End Violence roundups we’ve examined the impact of sexual assault and victim-blaming, the essential role of emergency shelters, the importance of consent, and the need for violence prevention.

Now, in our final roundup, we take a look at what we’re striving for: healthy relationships.

Domestic violence is everyone’s business and we need to talk about it if we’re going to end it, says Sandra Hawken.

The Sacred Seven Healthy Relationship program in Winnipeg is doing exactly that and promoting healthy relationships by drawing on Aboriginal teachings.

Similarly, the Healthy Relationships for Youth program teaches teens about abuse and empowers them to make healthy relationship decisions.

Programs like these change lives – and so can you.

You asked us how to teach boys about violence against women – see our interview with Kevin Vowles to find out.

Also, have a look at our tip sheet and post on how to talk to teens about healthy relationships, and share our quiz “how healthy is your relationship” and poster “healthy relationships are…” to promote healthy love.

Throughout our Campaign to End Violence, we’ve been raising awareness about violence against women and funds for shelters and violence prevention programs across Canada. On May 30, join us as we end the Campaign with Move for Hope, a fun and empowering one-hour workout for all fitness levels.

Together, we can stop the violence and create a world where healthy relationships thrive.

It isn’t too late to register for Move for Hope! Find more details at

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