Gendered Digital Hate, Harassment, and Violence Series

Facebook, Twitch, Discord, Tinder, X, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Reddit, LinkedIn, Zoom. Digital life is real life. And digital spaces aren’t safe for everyone.

Whether you’re on social media, streaming platforms, dating, messaging and meeting apps, or on game sites, if you’re a woman, girl, or Two Spirit, trans, or non-binary person, you’re at greater risk of hate, harassment, and violence.

1 in 5 women experience online harassment in Canada. Young women, racialized women, and 2SLGBTQIA+ people are amongst those who face higher risks. Canada’s rising rate hate crimes is in large part due to increased hate in digital spaces against women, 2SLGBTQIA+ people, and targeted ethnic and religious groups.

Gendered digital hate, harassment, and abuse happens everyday. It’s pervasive, urgent, and growing.

You deserve to be safe and free from harm.

Over the coming months, we’re delving into this with leading experts and content creators, releasing in-depth episodes every single week. We’ll talk about the problem and what we can do to change it. We’ll offer practical tips to help you in your digital life, and we’ll talk about what it means to “take back the tech” for all of us.

There are no easy answers or quick fixes. But one thing is clear: power, safety, support, and rights to thrive, today and tomorrow, won’t be our reality until we’re safe everywhere, including digital spaces.

“We accept that harassment of women is simply the cost of their social media engagement, or worse, that women are expected to endure harassment and silencing in the name of ‘free speech’. It is long past time for that to change.”

How to Be a Woman Online With Nina Jankowicz

Episode coming September 27

Episode coming October 4

and more episodes and resources to come!

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada.

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Gendered Digital Hate, Harassment, and Violence

Digital hate, harassment, and violence against women, girls, Two Spirit, trans, and non-binary people is a growing problem. It can happen in digital environments like social media or gaming sites, and technology tools can also be used in the course of perpetuating gender-based violence (e.g. rideshare and dating apps). It is referred to as tech-facilitated gender-based violence, cyberviolence, and more.

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