COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

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Ending systemic racism in school isn’t just about ending streaming

Desks in a classroom

At 11 years old, a Black girl new to the country from Jamaica, I was subject to streaming in my elementary school. Despite my strong academic performance in the past, I was moved into an extremely basic form of education in Canada.


A Pandemic Can’t Stop Les Scientifines

Two hands pour coloured liquid into a beaker.

This Montreal-based program, which engages girls ages 8 to 17 in fun, confidence-building science activities, has worked hard and innovated to keep supporting girls during the pandemic.


Girls’ Programming Goes Online During COVID-19 Pandemic

Girls' program participants with the heart they painted in their window

Across Canada, programs for girls have gone above and beyond to offer services online, continuing to connect and support the girls through the COVID-19 pandemic. The programs are also helping girls to navigate the new issues and stresses they may be dealing with during isolation.


Meet the Tireless: Operation Grow

This post is part of the Meet The Tireless series: interviews featuring inspiring people and groups who use their talents, expertise, and resources to help advance gender equality in Canada. Visit


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