Your Impact: Women’s Journeys Toward Economic Stability

Thanks to generous donors and partners like you, the Canadian Women’s Foundation invests in Economic Development programs to reduce gendered poverty and build economic strength for those who need it most.

These programs help diverse participants break through barriers to employment, by offering training in trades and technology, entrepreneurship, and social purpose enterprises.

You can meet some of these program participants in the videos below, where they share how the programs impacted their journeys, in their own words.

“I graduated from the program with more self-confidence and a great foundation in coding.”

Tolulope, Women in Technology Program, Making Changes, Calgary, Alberta

“As soon as I started to work there, I realized I can do anything I set my mind and heart to.”

Stephanie, Operation Grow, Midland, Ontario

“I changed my career successfully and learned the value of a growth mindset.”

Jihye, TechWomen Program, ISSofBC, Vancouver, BC

“I slowly realized that I can indeed be self-employed and build my own business.”

Khullood, Microcrédit Montréal, Montreal, Quebec

“Before even completing the program, I got a job in software testing. When I found my job, I felt so happy.”

Kanimozhi, TechWomen Program, ISSofBC, Vancouver, British Columbia

“I can honestly say, entering the trades has been the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Logan, Women Unlimited, Nova Scotia

“I translated my passion for coding into my work and showed that I am capable.”

Nadia, Women in Technology Program, Making Changes, Calgary, Alberta

“Overall, I gained confidence that I could take control of my future.”

Jenn, Employment My Way, YWCA Moncton, New Brunswick

“They provided childcare support for my son, which made it so much easier to participate in the program.”

Anitha, TechWomen, ISSofBC, Vancouver, British Columbia

“SEED taught me to take myself seriously as an artist, and that art can be a viable business.”

Celia, SEED Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Little by little, I began to shape my business … I am growing professionally and doing something I love.”

Diana, Microcrédit Montréal, Quebec

“I found something I love doing, and I’m excited to see where my career goes next.”

Grace, Women Unlimited, Nova Scotia

“The first time picking up the welding torch was absolutely incredible. I felt like I could make or do anything.”

Steisha, WEST of Windsor, Ontario

“I gained valuable business skills from seasoned facilitators that I need to succeed in Canada.”

Lydia, Immigrant Women and Newcomers Exploring Business Program, SEED Winnipeg, Manitoba

“I look forward to seeing how CFG will thrive in Colombia and across the Americas.”

Diana, Business and Enterprise Training Program, SEED Winnipeg, Manitoba

“I felt embraced with love, care and expertise. So I’m ready to continue my journey”

Marinella, Microcrédit Montréal, Quebec

“The training helped me to recover my self-esteem, to trust my ideas, to learn that failure is not as bad as I thought, and to be kind to myself.”

Marcella, Microcrédit Montréal, Quebec

“At a time when I was unsure about the risks of running my new business, the program gave me the confidence to reach out and get what I needed.”

Jessika, Employment My Way, YWCA Moncton