The Aimee Quitevis Memorial Fund

In April 1998, Aimee Quitevis tragically lost her life, a victim of domestic violence.

Aimee is remembered as a dutiful daughter, a beloved sister, a doting aunt, a loyal friend — a vibrant person whose life was taken far too soon. Her loved ones describe her as a great listener, fun-loving, and a dedicated athlete. Her life was filled with promise, and she is deeply missed.

Her story is a tragic reminder of the often deadly consequences of gender-based violence in Canada.

Aimee’s story reflects the harsh reality faced by those who are trapped in abusive relationships and suffer in silence, struggling to access support due to fear of further harm.

Aimee’s legacy lives on in the work of her friends, family, and community members. In 1998 the Aimee Quitevis Memorial Fund was established at the Canadian Women’s Foundation with the leadership of Aimee’s loved ones. Since then, the Fund has raised over $135,000 to help those who are affected in Canada move out of violence.

In addition to individual donations, the Fund is supported by an annual volleyball tournament organized by Aimee’s friends in Toronto. To celebrate her life through the sport she loved to play, close friends of Aimee created the Aimee Quitevis Memorial Volleyball Tournament with the support of the Quitevis family. Over more than 20 years through the generosity of hundreds of players, volunteers, donors and a small army of organizers have kept Aimee’s name alive through their dedication.

Sadly, addressing gender-based violence is just as urgent today as it was 20 years ago. Every 48 hours in Canada, a woman or girl is killed by violence. Sixty-seven per cent of Canadians know someone who has experienced physical or sexual violence. Through the Aimee Quitevis Memorial Fund, the Foundation has funded violence prevention programs across the country. The legacy of this impact can’t be understated — the money raised for the Aimee Quitevis Memorial Fund has helped to transform lives.