The Gender Equality Network Canada

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The Gender Equality Network Canada (GENC), was a unique three-year initiative to advance gender equality in Canada.

Through this national network, more than 150 women leaders from across Canada, working locally on gender equality issues and projects, collaborated nationally on systemic issues affecting women’s equality, building inclusive intersectional leadership and developing policy recommendations.

Work on GENC began with an examination of the state of gender equality in Canada through an environmental scan, which is also available as an executive summary. Key activities focused on intersectionality, increasing inclusion and accessibility, mobilizing knowledge of Indigenous history, sharing advocacy strategies and network building.

GENC leaders met online and at five national meetings in different cities across Canada. Along the way, they formed new connections and reinvigorated discussions that identified four priorities to advance gender equality:

  • Decolonization and Reconciliation
  • Violence Against Women/Gender-based Violence
  • Accessibility, Equity, Equality and Inclusion
  • Economic Security and Prosperity

GENC’s Discussion Document for a Pan-Canadian Strategy to Advance Gender Equality contains policy recommendations across 16 issue areas. The network recommended that their work constitute a basis for discussion, as development of any national action plan on gender equality must include a broad and inclusive process of consultations and deliberation.

GENC was funded by the federal Department for Women and Gender Equality and convened by the Canadian Women’s Foundation.