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Gender Equality Network Canada

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Welcome to GENC, the Gender Equality Network Canada, a unique three-year initiative to advance gender equality in Canada.

Through this national network, more than 150 women leaders from across Canada have an opportunity to:

  • work together to advocate for policy changes
  • build inclusive intersectional leadership
  • take collective action to advance gender equality in Canada

GENC is focused on building national collaboration for action on systemic national issues that affect women’s equality.

Watch a video introduction to GENC:

All GENC leaders were nominated by community organizations delivering local gender equality projects. Leaders bring significant experience working for women’s equality in their communities and expertise in a wide range of fields.

GENC is convened and facilitated by the Canadian Women’s Foundation. The Foundation was selected based on expertise on the issues and strong connections to local women’s organizations, developed over more than 25 years of working for gender equality. The Foundation supports the GENC leaders to work collaboratively, develop shared goals, and take collective action.

GENC is funded by the Department for Women and Gender Equality (formerly Status of Women Canada), a federal department working to advance equality for women.

For media inquiries about the Gender Equality Network Canada, please contact

Call: 416.365.1444 x240
Toll-free: 1.866.293.4483 x240

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