Professional Advisors

Do your clients know the business case for investing in gender equality?

If you are a financial planner, lawyer, or accountant who develops charitable giving plans for clients, the Canadian Women’s Foundation is here to help make the case for an intelligent investment in gender equality.

We know your clients are seeking a highly effective charity with:

Outstanding leadership
Proven outcomes
Excellent financials
Impeccable ethical standards
Multiple options for giving and engagement.

We offer your clients the unique opportunity to help advance gender equality, which will make Canada more prosperous and competitive. Through the Canadian Women’s Foundation, your clients can help to move women and girls out of violence, out of poverty, into confidence and leadership.

Benefits to Your Clients

We have an established track record and reputation. Since 1991, our generous donors and supporters have contributed more than $185 million to fund over 3,000 life-transforming programs throughout Canada. We are honoured to have some of Canada’s most respected women leaders serve on our Board of Directors. Our long-term corporate partners include Canada’s major banks and retailers.

When your client gives to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, it’s like investing in a mutual fund for women and girls. Our areas of work — violence, poverty, girls’ empowerment and leadership — have been chosen to address the most serious economic and social impediments to gender equality in Canada. We identify the most effective solutions to these problems by consulting with grassroots leaders and academic experts.

We use trained volunteers to scrutinize grant proposals, visit organizations that apply for funding, ask a lot of questions, and advise us on which programs to fund. Once we have selected the best programs to fund, we conduct ongoing monitoring, and evaluate the results.

The programs we fund get results and change lives. For example, an evaluation of our girls’ fund programs indicated that 92% of girls who participated felt more confident, 95% felt more connected, and 95% improved their critical-thinking skills. But results aren’t all about numbers; the stories of program participants help to convey our impact.

Learn More

For a confidential discussion about your client’s philanthropic plans, contact Laura Owen, Senior Director, Philanthropic and Planned Giving, at or call 1-866-293-4483 ext. 254.