Join The Mother Rising

Gender justice is due for mothers and caregivers. This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate mothers and caregivers by helping them rise.

Mother's Day e-card that reads "when mothers rise they lift the world"

1. Honour a mother or caregiver in your life

Send a Mother’s Day e-card and gift to honour a mother or caregiver in your life! Your donation will support programs and advocacy that help make things better for mothers and caregivers across Canada.

2. Take the Mother Rising Survey

Our annual Mother Rising survey elevates the voices of mothers and caregivers and brings awareness to the experiences and challenges YOU face as a mother or caregiver.

What caregiving issues do you want us to talk about with news media? What policies do you want us to advocate for? Whether you care for young children, young adults, or others, your experiences provide important insights and help guide our work to make things better for mothers and caregivers across Canada.

Prize Draw:
GreenShield has kindly provided 5 complementary counselling packages: winners will each receive five 1-hour counselling sessions through Inkblot Therapy. If you would like to be entered in the draw please share your email address at the end of the survey (question 21). Winners will be selected randomly and contacted by email the week of May 15, 2023.

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3. Shop the Mother’s Day Gift Collection

When you buy a Mother’s Day gift from one of the partners on our Shop page, you support the work of the Canadian Women’s Foundation and its impact across communities. Check out the featured shops below.

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Yukon Soaps Company

Indigenous owned and operated, The Yukon Soaps Company creates beautiful, hand-crafted soaps, shampoo bars, essential oil blends, and much more. Yukon Soaps Company was founded by a participant in EntrepreNorth, a program funded by the Canadian Women’s Foundation which empowers Indigenous and community-based businesses across Northern Canada.

Dene Roots

Dene Roots, a Northwest Territories-based company, uses essential oils to create smokeless smudge sprays. In the spirit of traditional smudge rituals, the sprays help to ground, balance, protect, and purify.  Dene Roots was founded by a participant of EntrepreNorth, a program funded by the Canadian Women’s Foundation which empowers Indigenous and community-based businesses across Northern Canada.

Dene Roots products
Mennillo fashion for use on Mother's Day Partners Page


Mennillo is a women-owned and operated company in Montreal, specialized in high-quality gym wear, swimwear and more. Our focus is to design products to make women feel comfortable and empowered. For every order of our first gym wear collection, 2$ will be donated to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

YOUR IMPACT: How your support makes things better for mothers and caregivers across Canada

“Being a single mom who has only held customer service jobs I knew that I couldn’t continue living the rest of my life like this. I wanted better for myself, and my kids deserved better… The Women Unlimited Career Exploration Program helped me figure things out. Supporting me with childcare and transportation helped alleviate the financial burden so I could focus on my time and learning in the program … My confidence and capabilities are improved, and I am happy that I made the choice to make a change!”
Program Participant

Lydia’s Story

“I was pregnant when we moved to Winnipeg from Kenya in 2017. It was challenging to look for employment since my husband was working and it took time to find daycare for my kids. I weighed my options and decided to start my own business. This would give me the flexibility of time for both the business and my family.

“I have a culinary Certificate from The Kenya Polytechnic University and over 14 years of cooking experience in numerous restaurants in Kenya and the United Arab Emirates. But the rules are different in Canada. I needed to learn the right protocols. I joined the Immigrant and Newcomers’ Women Exploring Business Program at SEED Winnipeg. I gained valuable business skills, obtained my Manitoba Food Handling Certificate, and started pursuing my Cook Red Seal Certification as a Chef.

“In June 2020, my business partner and I started our business, Nyumbani African Delicacies. We have since prepared meals for groups of all sizes. Nyumbani is a Swahili word which means home. Cooking is my passion, and I love seeing people happy while having a meal and enjoying it to the last bite.”

Anitha’s Story

When I moved here, I realized it would not be easy to find work in my field. I decided to focus on becoming a web developer and needed to upgrade my technical and communication skills. At the same time, we needed to take care of our son. Preschool is expensive and it was really hard to find a daycare spot in Vancouver.

I found ISSofBC … They provided career advice and told me about the TechWomen program … This aligned exactly with what I was looking for and they also provided childcare support for my son, which made it so much easier to participate in the program. My son’s daycare was in the same building as the program, and as a mother that helped me feel more relaxed.

After completing the program, I got an opportunity to join an immersive Bootcamp in one of the technical schools, and I completed my Diploma in Web Development. Currently I’m a software developer at one of the best companies. I love working as a developer and creating software that is user-friendly. I found a way to fulfill my dreams in my new home in Canada.