Our Impact

Elizabeth Small

I applied to the Enhanced General Carpentry for Women program because I wanted to learn the right way and go further with my career. Everybody works in the trades on seniority, and I wasn’t going to spend five years at the very bottom. Once I got the call to say I was accepted in the program, I was over the moon. (MORE>>>)

Elizabeth Correia

In the Business Support  Program, they taught me about registering a business and figuring out cash flow and projections. I left with a critiqued, professional business plan, and so much more. The emotional, mental, and spiritual support was extremely empowering. I graduated feeling like I could fly.  (MORE>>>)


I have never been so happy about my career path as I am now. In construction, you move to different job sites, work on different structures,  and work along side other trades people. I like that you get to flex your brain—challenges arise all the time, so you never stop learning. It’s been really empowering for me and I am grateful for this opportunity.  (MORE>>>)


Chonda didn’t want to give up her job, but she didn’t know what else to do. Her abusive former partner was harassing her at her workplace, a call centre, and her frustrated supervisor was on the brink of firing her. (MORE>>>)


When I was a little girl, I liked to work with the children. When I look at them they make me happy. When I was in high school, I studied how to teach primary students. My dream was to work with children. Now I have 100% of my dream. (MORE>>>>)


When you help a woman start her own business, you affect her children too. They want to mirror her independence and they learn to trust their own decisions. Improving her self-sufficiency also means she can leave an abusive husband if necessary, because she has her own income. That is the voice I speak from. (MORE>>>>)


Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have believed my voice could help anybody. I was sexually abused at the age of one. That’s not the way childhood is supposed to start out. There’s a shred of confidence in everybody. Sometimes you can’t find it very easily, but it’s there. Trust me, I found mine. And if I can find mine, anybody can. (MORE>>>>)