Our Impact


In high school Ben Lord attended “Making Waves,” a violence prevention program that continues to reverberate through his life.  (MORE>>>)


I used to live in a very abusive situation with my ex-husband and my father-in-law. My ex-husband was verbally very abusive, the humiliating kind. (MORE>>>>)



My brother and I were raised by our mother, who was a single mom. We struggled financially, lived in one bedroom apartments, and relied on donations for food, Christmas gifts, clothes, etc. (MORE>>>)



When I was in Grade 9, I attended the Healthy Relationships for Youth program. It helped me realize that a lot of what you see on TV is completely different from reality. (MORE>>>)


When I first met my ex-husband, he was very charming but after we moved in together hebecame more and more controlling— it was like living in a boot camp.  (MORE>>>)



I came to Alpha House a completely broken woman of 47 years old. I came for protection from my abuser but I walk away with so much more. (MORE>>>)


His friends marveled at how much he had changed since he had met me. I didn’t understand what they meant until I became pregnant, and his violent nature was slowly revealed.  (MORE>>>)



When Rose left her abusive husband, she knew she might have to raise her sons in poverty, but she also knew that was better than the alternative. “Giving up and returning to a life of abuse would have surely put me in the grave,” she says. (MORE>>>)


Being in an abusive marriage just killed me. It killed my soul, my spirit. One of my friends had sent me emails as I was going through the process of leaving. They all said things like: You can do this! You’re a wonderful woman! You have all kinds of potential! You’re an incredible friend! You are out of this world! You’re a star player! (MORE>>>>)