Social Media Policy

The purpose of the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s social media channels is to share materials and matters of interest to supporters, followers, partners, and interested members of the public. These channels are regularly moderated.

Please note that comments expressed by users of our social media channels do not necessarily reflect opinions, positions, values, work, or the mandate of the Canadian Women’s Foundation or its officers, employees, or partners. We disclaim any and all responsibility and liability for material, content, or comments posted on any of our social media channels.

We monitor and moderate comments on our channels and reserve the right to remove or hide them according to the following terms. We reserve the right to block or remove access to users who violate this policy. We will remove comments that, as determined by our sole discretion:

  • are threatening, harassing, name-calling, slanderous, offensive, inappropriate, dangerous, harming, libelous, obscene, profane, hate speech, discriminatory, stereotyping, illegal, degrading, or abusive
  • are trolling, spamming, or otherwise engage in unauthorized promotion
  • violate ownership or rights, including intellectual property, privacy, or publicity rights
  • are plagiarized, copied from other sources, or impersonating
  • are sexually explicit

We ask users to refrain from posting their own personal information to our social media channels (e.g. address, phone number). Should you choose to post such information, we accept no responsibility for its use or misuse by other parties.

By using our social media channels, you agree to indemnify the Canadian Women’s Foundation against any and all damages, losses, liabilities, judgments, costs, or expenses arising out of claims related to content you have posted.

If you have any questions about this policy, contact us at

“This program would not be what it is today without the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s support. Words cannot thank you enough!” (Paige Van Praet-Guthier, Program Coordinator, Girls’ Mentoring, Sarnia-Lambton Rebound)