COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Brittany Mathews

Brittany Mathews

Brittany is Métis/Michif with ancestry from White Horse Plains, or St. Francois Xavier, Manitoba and with her family more recently coming from St. Paul, Alberta. She grew up in the Bow Valley of Alberta and moved to Ottawa to pursue an undergraduate degree at the University of Ottawa. Brittany is passionate about the role kinship and family plays in the empowerment of Indigenous women and communities. She is dedicated to elevating the stories and contemporary realities of Indigenous peoples through community organizing and creative outlets. Brittany works as the Reconciliation and Research Coordinator at the First Nations Child & Family Caring Society.

Shannen’s Dream: 4 Ways to Work Towards Equity in Education this National Indigenous History Month

Shannen Koostachen

Shannen Koostachin wanted all First Nations kids to attend safe and comfortable schools and receive culturally-relevant education. Today, we’re calling for the same.



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