COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Canadian Women's Foundation

Canadian Women's Foundation

New Podcast: Alright, Now What?

A woman holds up a protest sign that reads "Alright, now what?"

Welcome to Alright, Now What?, a podcast from the Canadian Women’s Foundation. On this show we’re asking: how does a pandemic affect the most marginalized people among us? And how do we get from there, to where we want to be?


Déclaration de solidarité et de condamnation de la brutalité policière des membres du Women’s Funding Network

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Pendant trop longtemps, la violence physique et mentale exercée par le système carcéral, établi pour préserver une vision du monde patriarcale et raciste, a réduit les Noirs au silence et leur a coûté la vie. Nous devons tous agir maintenant pour exiger la fin de ce chapitre de notre histoire.


Women’s Funding Network Members: Statement of Solidarity and Condemnation of Police Brutality

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Black people have been silenced and killed under the physical and mental violence of the carceral system — built by, and for, the preservation of a patriarchal, racist world view. Each of us must act now.


Resources for Ending Anti-Black Racism

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These resources on anti-Black racism in Canada and misogynoir are particularly helpful for non-Black people to educate themselves and share with others.


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