COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Ilanna Mandel


Ilanna Sharon Mandel earned an MA in Education from U.C. Berkeley, and has been writing and advocating advocate for the rights of people with disabilities since the 1980s. Ilanna worked directly with disabled individuals for fourteen years as a program director and a Registered Rehabilitation Professional and served as a forensic expert in three cases in British Columbia courts. Ilanna is a writer, photographer and filmmaker, she published "Effective Empowerment: Strategies for Accessible Education" in 1993 and since then published dozens of articles on various aspects of the disability experience. Her first novel, “The Bridge of Haunted Souls” published in 2016. 

Effective Empowerment: Strategies for Young Girls with Disabilities

The word ‘empowerment’ has been popular for many years.  In Effective Empowerment: Strategies for Accessible Education, I note that empowerment is “…based on the idea that giving people skills, resources, opportunities, and strategies will enable them to be accountable for their own actions, and will contribute to their independence, competence, and satisfaction.”

When it comes to disabled girls ages 8-12, the challenges they face in reaching empowerment are often the same issues that their non-disabled peers face. However, they also face their own specific hurdles.



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