COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Jen Welter

Jen Welter

Etched in the record books as the First Female Coach in the NFL for the Arizona Cardinals, and breaking a nearly impossible physical barrier in the history of modern day sports, Dr. Jen Welter is the first women to play running back in a men's professional football season. She became the first female coach of a professional football team and now the NFL, as a Linebackers Coach. Dr. Jen Welter has addressed and provided expert advice from a wide range of topics in fitness and sports.  She currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona, with her sidekick Tyson, a Chihuahua, and holds a doctorate degree in Psychology and is a Linebackers Coach for the Arizona Cardinals.

Tips to Keep Girls Playing #LikeAGirl

Always - Girls playing soccerWhen I started playing football as a young girl, I had no idea how far the game would take me.

But what I knew was that I loved it and that I wanted to be a part of it. Yes, there were days that were hard and made me want to quit, but I’m grateful that I didn’t. Whether it has been as a player, an NFL coach, or even getting my doctorate in Sports Psychology, all of the strength and fortitude I needed to succeed came through playing sports.

Sports make girls feel better about themselves!



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