COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Lynda Laushway

Lynda Laushway

Lynda Laushway has a thirty-year career working to prevent gender-based violence in Canada. Former Executive Director and co-founder of SWOVA Community Development and Research Society, based on Salt Spring Island, BC., she is currently Consultant to SWOVA.

Day 8: How SWOVA is Helping BC Teens Develop Respectful Relationship Skills

Teens taking selfieSWOVA recently had a visit from an engaging and dynamic woman from Australia named Ellen Poyner. Ellen works to create and deliver healthy relationships programs in Southern Australia and is touring North America to investigate programs related to her work.  When she asked me what I was most proud of in SWOVA’s Respectful Relationships program, the first thing that came to mind is team work.  We have always worked in teams. Many people have worked with us for short periods or long periods providing dynamic team collaborations. As we all know there is lots of work to be done to prevent gender-based violence and we are stronger when we feel supported and are able to spark off each other.



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