COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Pamela Cross

Pamela Cross

Pamela Cross is a feminist lawyer working on the issue of violence against women. She is the Legal Director at Luke's Place in Durham Region, Ontario, where she leads the organization's provincial projects, research, training and law reform advocacy. She recently completed research on family violence screening tools for family law lawyers. Her most recent paper is "When Shared Parenting and the Safety of Women and Children Collide." She leads the Status of Women Canada project "Not Okay" with the Barbra Schlifer Clinic in Toronto, where she also provides independent legal advice to sexual assault survivors. Pamela has provided domestic violence training to Legal Aid Ontario staff and per diem lawyers and educational seminars on domestic violence to Canadian judges through the National Judicial Institute. She developed violence against women curriculum for Ontario law schools in a project with the Law Commission of Ontario. Pamela works with many violence against women/women's equality groups in Canada, including the Canadian Council of Muslim Women and the National Association of Women and the Law. She is a frequent media commentator and conference speaker on issues related to violence against women and the law. She blogs regularly on these issues on her website:

Forward or Backward?

Some days it is hard to know whether or not we are making progress in addressing gender-based violence. It often seems that for every step we manage to take forward there is one of at least equal size that moves us backward. A recent bill introduced by the federal Liberal government demonstrates this effectively.


Domestic Violence Goes to Work

Woman walks down the hall

This post was originally published on . Pamela is a member of the Canada’s landscape has been strewn with domestic violence homicides this year, with the number of women killed already than it usually is for the entire year. And, it must be remembered, the number of women killed is only the tip of the […]



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