COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Roz MacLean

Roz MacLean

Roz MacLean is an artist, children's author and educator in Vancouver, BC. Alongside her art practice, she works supporting students with diverse needs in Vancouver's public school system.  She is very interested in the intersections of art, community, education, and mental health. See her book, The Body Book, here.

Creating A New Culture of Body Love, One Page at a Time

Roz MacLean's The Body BookLike so many girls who grew up with Barbies and princesses for role models, I not only had trouble accepting my own body, but being accepted by others.  I was teased in kindergarten for being chubby, because, even at this young age, children knew that it was bad to be fat.

The idea that thin is good and fat is bad is drilled into us from the time we can first understand the toys we love and the images we see on screens.  The popular dainty-waisted princess associates thinness with virtuosity, kindness, desirability, specialness, and worthiness of attention.



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