COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Author: Sigrid


Sigrid’s passion to live life and explore has carried her far from home. Plains, trains, automobiles and hitchhiking from Mexico to France and now safe, sound, and happily back home to Wilno. To be certain—her business is not separate from her, but is, in fact, a creative extension of who she is. Since the start, she hasn’t viewed Sigrid Natural Skin Care through a business lense, but as a truthful path to create something whole and beautiful. In her work, she hopes to build upon the wonders of this landscape and nurture space which strengthens the community. Sharing the art of wild-crafted salves and creams is at the heart.

Handmade Creations and Healing with Sigrid Naturals

Sigrid holds a can of healing salve.

Written with help from Stephanie Keon. I live and work in the Wilno hills where I was raised. My nails are often dirty, and my hands are strong from pulling plants from the earth, carrying huge vats of olive oil, and chopping beeswax. These ingredients are at the heart of my handmade products. Due to a difficult […]



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