About Village Bloggurls

The Village Bloggurls is a weekly girl’s leadership and media production/literacy program where girls aged 9-13 from within Lotherton work with their mentors aged 13-18 and staff to create a safe and supportive environment. The girls will develop a sense of ownership and belonging in this group and in their community of Lotherton, which is an under resourced, socially, and geographically isolated neighborhood that exists in a service vacuum away from the larger priority neighborhood of Lawrence Heights. Our goal is for the girls and mentors to gain a sense of pride and increase their self-esteem through identifying various forms of violence specific towards women and address these issues by sharing their stories and experiences through critical media analysis and self-represented media production (e.g., podcasts, digital stories, online blog, zine, newsletter, etc.) with other girls within their community and beyond

Village Bloggurls: The Male Gaze and the Media

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The Village Bloggurls program is a weekly girls' leadership, media literacy and production program in Lotherton Village and Westminster- Branson. The core program provides girls in two communities with creative opportunities to address issues including systemic violence, representation of women in the media, and societal expectations. Activities like writing a blog, producing a zine, and social media posts provide a platform for expression, reflection, connection, and support.

The Bloggurls were recipients of the 2014 Landsberg Community Award and are current grantees of the Canadian Women’s Foundation through North York Community House – they’ve received a grant of $160,000 over 4 years (2016-2020).

The following post is from a zine the group produced called Re-Imagining: The Future. In the zine the girls tackle some tough questions, including “What does a world without street harassment look like?” and “How can we address mental health in schools?” You can read more of their work on their website.

Why Girls’ Voices Matter

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Girl and marblesOur voices matter and are important because often times our views, opinions, and ideas are brushed off or deemed insignificant just because we are girls, living in this male dominated society. Even though the laws protect women’s rights, it does not mean that people respect our rights.  Girls are treated differently because of their gender and their rights are nullified just for being born a female.  Even today, many girls are judged or looked down upon just because of their gender.