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During our May-long Campaign to End Violence, we're publishing a weekly roundup of impact stories, infographics and resources to raise awareness about violence against women and girls in Canada.

This week's is on intersectionality, inclusion and collaboration to end violence.

  • GEN1 includes everyone. Get inspired, get involved and help build the first generation free of violence against women!
  • Christopher’s story: Why men need to speak out about violence against women.
  • When we talk to men and boys about violence prevention, there’s one small word that can make a big difference: empathy.
  • Feminism is not against men – it’s against patriarchy.
  • Gender diversity is amazing!
  • How do we create safe spaces for trans girls?
  • LGBTQ teens face some unique challenges in adolescence. Here's how to support them.
  • Women with disabilities face higher rates of sexual assault, violence crime, poverty and unemployment.
  • The Safety Includes Me program supports women with intellectual disabilities and made a world of difference for Marlene.
  • Elder abuse can take many forms. Have a look at these resources for support.
  • Indigenous women in Canada are 3 times more likely than non-Indigenous women to experience violence.
  • The Red Road to Healing uses traditional Indigenous teachings to break the cycle of violence.
  • Want to end violence against Indigenous women? Put them at the centre of your efforts.
  • "Listen for the voice that may not be there." Learn to lead for change from three First Nations' Chiefs.

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