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During our May-long Campaign to End Violence, we're publishing a weekly roundup of impact stories, infographics and resources to raise awareness about violence against women and girls in Canada.

This week's is on healthy relationships and consent.

  • Did you know girls aged 13 to 15 are at their highest lifetime risk for sexual assault?
  • It’s never too early to start talking to your child about healthy relationships! Here's how.
  • Young people in northern Canada struggle with many of the same challenges as youth in the south, including dating violence, substance abuse, mental health issues, bullying and suicide. Healthy relationships programs can help.
  • Find out how SERC works with newcomer youth to build respectful relationship skills.
  • "The program opened my eyes to a lot of things I hadn't thought about before, like how a lot of relationship problems are about gender. Men are taught to be aggressive. Well, how does that relate to relationships?" – Read Ben’s story.
  • While 96% of Canadians think sex should always be consensual, 67% don't actually know what consent means.
  • Want to understand sexual consent? Try thinking about a cup of tea
  • Online abuse – it’s closer than you think.
  • How to have "the talk" about online safety with your kids.
  • Here are 7 ways to help teens build healthy relationship skills and date safely online.
  • Are you a teen? These online relationship tips are for you.
  • Just because we made out, just because we texted, just because we’re lovers, just because you helped me…doesn’t mean I owe you.

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