What the Hashtag: 2015 in Review

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Woman with thought bubble2015 was a year of progress on gender equality and women’s rights in Canada.

Inclusive Leadership

We voted for the #countrywewant and elected a record number of women in the federal election (#elxn42), ending the year with a gender-equal parliament and a feminist Prime Minister. While many tried to discredit this overdue move toward gender parity in government as affirmative action without merit, the women appointed as ministers are more than qualified.

What the Hashtag: Working to #EndViolence for #16Days and Beyond

2017-12-19T17:23:43+00:00December 16, 2015|Gender-based violence, Weekly roundup, What the Hashtag|

Woman with thought bubbleThere was a chorus of voices calling for an end to gender-based violence in November and December.

On Nov. 19 and 20, the Ontario government brought together policy makers, service providers and activists for a summit on sexual violence and harassment or #SVHAP2015. Participants shared innovative ideas, discussed how to raise public awareness, support survivors, create safer campuses and workplaces, and spark a change in attitudes and behaviours. The Ontario government also released its second #ItsNeverOkay video and federal Minister for the Status of Women @PattyHajdu announced that the government would create a national action plan to address violence against women—a long sought-after commitment.

What the Hashtag: Taking stock of #womenshistory and the #countrywewant

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Woman with thought bubbleOctober is Women’s History Month in Canada, so last month’s e-feminism looked back at how far we’ve come and set its sights on where we’d like to be.

#WomensHistoryMonth and #womenshistory highlighted the achievements of the women’s movement in Canada. In honour of the occasion, we also took a look back at our history and the 8 trail-blazing women who founded the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

The Ontario Women’s Directorate took a different approach with #ALeadingWoman, focussing on women’s leadership today, while others looked to the future. 

What the Hashtag: Are you #UpforDebate?

2017-12-19T17:34:56+00:00September 30, 2015|Empowering girls, Gender-based violence, What the Hashtag, Women in media, Women’s poverty|

Woman with thought bubbleWith a federal election just weeks away, September’s online feminist activism was politically charged.

Much of the conversation centred around Up for Debate’s sold out event in Toronto and related events across the country. This meant that #UpforDebate became a unifying hashtag for women’s advocates in Canada.

Throughout September, organizations and individuals organized events focussing on women’s political representation and participation, and a host of gendered issues. For example, Whitby, Stratford and London hosted all candidates meetings on issues important to women, Halifax hosted a candidate’s debate on women’s issues, and Vancouver hosted a public education event on women's equality and why your vote counts.