Dressed in khaki jumpsuits and wielding replica proton packs, a group of Ghostbusters super fans have spent the last decade raising money for various causes.

This year, to celebrate the release of the new Ghostbusters movie and its stacked cast of women, The Ontario Ghostbusters have generously decided to raise funds for The Canadian Women’s Foundation. 

For Brily Lepine, one of the costuming group’s co-presidents, the decision to support women and girls across the country was a no-brainer. Although the film reboot has received hateful and sexist backlash, The Ontario Ghostbusters are committed to using the movie’s momentum to do something good. 

Brily, a self-described nerd and resident prop builder, talked to the Foundation about how Ontario Ghostbusters came about and why our mission resonated with them:

How did The Ontario Ghostbusters get started?
We had a small group of people who were interested in building props. Once we had built them it was like, “Well …I have a Halloween outfit, but what do I do with it now?” The decision was to use it for good.

How have you been fundraising for the Foundation
so far? 

We go to conventions, which is our biggest method of raising money. We set up booths and have a web store. We also do parades and smaller events if people just want us to show up. For the general release of the new movie, we were at some theatres with a booth set up with buttons, T-shirts, magnets, and baked goods for sale.

Why did you decide to fundraise for the Canadian Women’s Foundation? 
With the new movie coming out and all the controversies surrounding it, we decided to give to a women’s organization. 

What about the Foundation’s mission was important to you?
I wanted to support women in the trades but we were also thinking women’s shelters would be a wonderful thing to support. The Canadian Women’s Foundation gives to every aspect that we wanted to support.

What do you think of the new movie?
I really liked it. It’s a solid film. I think the women are funny in it. It mixes humour and a little bit of scare, just like the original. And that’s a really wonderful thing.

Some people have been resistant to the new movie. Why do you think that is?
It’s not the original. I grew up with the original and it holds that untouchable place in my heart. I have all these memories and associations, and I think that’s the problem that people have with the new movie. They’re worried that somehow it will disrupt the associations that they have. I just don’t see why it would be a problem.

Since the making of the new film was announced in 2014, it’s been met with a mix of favourable reviews, excitement, and cringe-worthy commentary reminiscent of #Gamergate. But now that it’s out in theatres, franchise fans can judge for themselves how the movie measures up. Who knows, you might even bump into a well-dressed member of The Ontario Ghostbusters at the box office. 

We are so thankful to The Ontario Ghostbusters for supporting women and girls in Canada. You can see more of their incredible costumes and props on Instagram, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter to find out what they’re up to.

Photos, courtesy of The Ontario Ghostbusters, show members in costume and in action at conventions.