Body Confidence Canada Awards posterThe 4th annual Body Confidence Canada Awards (BCCAs) will take place on October 6, 2016, in Toronto, ON.

The BCCAs are an opportunity to publicly celebrate people who are at the forefront of the body positivity movement in Canada. BCCAs acknowledge champions of body diversity and body equity! EveryBODY has a story and the BCCAs provide a platform for us to share them. If you’ve got a particular story to share let us know today! Nominations are open until July 1. 

Want to learn more? We caught up with a few supporters of the BCCAs to share their thoughts on the importance of this event. Here’s what they had to say:

The best thing about the BCCAs are the people

"This has got to be the easiest testimonial that we will ever write. Just hearing the name Body Confidence Canada Awards brings to mind many happy memories of community, connections, laughter and love. The BCCAs are a highlight on our social calendar and quickly became one of our most anticipated events. And every year it gets bigger and better. The best thing about the BCCAs is the people. Walking into the event you are greeted by a room full of beautiful people of every shape, size, colour, and gender. Fashion is fierce and the connections authentic, affirming and warm. As a couple, we have both gone through significant changes to our bodies after struggling for many years with body confidence. That struggle would have been much easier had the BCCAs existed when we were younger. At this event, those who don't fit the mold win the big prize. Those that are told to live in shame among the shadows are transformed into stars that light up the night. What other awards show do you know that does this? I can't think of any. 1 word sums up our experiences at the Body Confidence Canada Awards over the years: Powerful. We hope the BCCAs grows and expands. One day we hope to see it televised. The events message of love, celebration and appreciation for ones own skin is very important, and something that we all need to be reminded of often. Our deepest thank you and congratulations to Jill and Aisha the creators and visionaries of the Body Confidence Canada Awards. You are a precious jewel in the crown of community. Thanks for making this fantastic event so magical each and every year!!" 

Tenniel and Kadeem, Owners-BROWNS CONSULTING

It's an environment that accepts people exactly as they are

“Women elevating other women is something our world doesn’t do enough of. Our social culture often insists we conform to distorted beauty ideologies and forever promotes the idea of being more of this and less of that. In a world that works so hard to change us, it was amazing to be in an environment that accepted people exactly as they were — that encouraged us to be exactly as we are. This is what the BCCAs celebrates. As diversity and representation continues to trend in the media, the BCCAs are doing their part for body positivity and to usher the movement in the right direction. The future is starting to look brighter — and more importantly, inclusive for everyone.” 

– Chloe Tse, Co-Founder of

Maintaining confidence is a lifelong journey

“As a former victim of bullying and domestic abuse, my journey to confidence was not easy. I was honoured & floored to be a Body Confidence Canada Award (BCCA) Recipient in 2014 in front of a room full of individuals who applauded me and understood my journey. I believe that building confidence is one thing but maintaining our confidence is a lifelong journey. Being in receipt of a Body Confidence Canada Award is a daily reminder of the importance of embracing myself and living in my unique lane.”

– Ophilia Alleyne, BCCA Recipient 2014

The BCCAs honour the body journeys of so many

“I was honoured to receive a BCCA in 2013.  To share a room with so many positive body image advocates was truly inspiring.  It is exciting to watch the awards thrive year after year acknowledging people from all walks of life who strive to promote body confidence in so many ways.  My award has taken on extra meaning for me as the night I received it, my body literally started falling apart after leaving the ceremony. I fell off my high heels and walked barefoot to my car feeling that something was terribly wrong.  Within a couple weeks, I could barely walk, talk, use a fork or knife to get food to my mouth and could not tie up my shoelaces. I was terrified.  I was finally diagnosed with a rare disease and have been slowly getting better. This experience has brought me to an even deeper appreciation for my body and all it can do with the want to help others realize the magnificence of their bodies as well.  It has also brought me to a deeper level of gratitude for the BCCAs and how these awards honour the body journeys of so many who are taking their experiences out into the world to make a difference.”

– Liis Windischmann, Creator, 2013 award winner

The BCCAs are a catalyst for radical change

“I have attended the BCCA's as both an audience member and a speaker, and I truly believe that these awards are imperative to the body positive movement. The adverse effects of the media on the female psyche are immeasurable as standards of beauty, body size and unattainable images of perfection are force fed to young girls before they even hit puberty. While their minds and bodies are still developing, they are taught to hate their bodies and thus hate themselves before they even know who they truly are as individuals. The BCCA's fight to change that, by bringing into the spotlight champions of self love and body acceptance who are actively changing the war against women's (and heck, men's!) bodies, one yoga class, student union, public speech and health initiative at a time. In a world where self worth is synonymous with how thin and beautiful you are, the BCCAs are a catalyst for radical change-inspiring self love through love of our very selves, one body at a time.”

– Steff Ivory Conover, Singer/Model/Actor/Dancer

Join us!

The BCCAs are free to attend. This is deliberate on our part. It is our desire that everyone in the room, regardless of their economic reality, should be able to have at least this one night out on the town to celebrate excellence and hopefully leave with a little reminder of their own resilience.

Maintaining our model of inclusivity requires dedicated presenting sponsors and donors. If you are interested in supporting the BCCAs we deeply thank you in advance! Please contact us at with the subject line: Sponsorship Inquiry.

We also invite you to nominate a champion of body confidence, body positivity and body diversity today!  Everybody has a story. Help us tell yours or someone you know. Nominations close July 1, 2016, and are opened to residents of Canada only. 

The Canadian Women's Foundation is proud to be a Body Confidence Canada Awards community partner.

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