This International Women’s Day falls on a Wednesday, the middle of the work week for a lot of us.  What an appropriate time to talk about what’s impacting us at work, and what this means for gender equality in Canada.  The past three years have driven many of us to re-evaluate the way we do things. We’ve seen dramatic shifts in the way we look at work. 

It’s an opportunity to properly support employees who face inequities. To rethink corporate cultures and move the needle on equitable workplace practices that make a difference for women and gender-diverse people. To build diversity in leadership and finally put an end to gender pay gaps, glass ceilings, leaky pipelines, and the like. 

It’s an opportunity to do better. 

On March 8 at 1pm ET, we’re partnering with the International Economic Forum of the Americas to host a one-hour virtual learning event to explore what gender equality in the workplace needs to look like in 2023. 

RSVP now for our free event, Corporate Citizenship for Gender Equality >> 

This is an especially important event for leaders, people managers, and anyone looking to push for change in their organizations. 

From opening new doors for diverse leadership to flexible work practices and safety in hybrid work, these are critical issues we need to address if we’re serious about building a gender equal Canada. 

Please join us and bring a friend.  We hope to see you there!