ButterflyMy successes are hard to tell today,

I just knew I didn't want to live and die this way.

It was up to me to make changes in the way I live,

To stop the cycle was the best I could give.

I know it's not easy to change history,

To try my best is all that I can see.

My successes are I'm alive today,

And someone actually wants to hear what I have to say.


A direct result of what in history went wrong,

It was never expected I would succeed all along.

Against all odds my blood line lives on despite,

Because no one married I still have my treaty rights.


Reconnecting to my culture and what is taught,

Understanding history and dealing with the hand I got.

Made it easier to reach out for the future I saw,

And start living life now respecting the law.


For if you always think what you always thought,

You will always get what you always got.

So please don't ever give up hope on the kids we all serve,

The best we can do is what best they deserve.


For myself just the example of the life I lead,

May be for just one child is exactly what they need.

I don't pretend to be perfect and I no longer lie,

I tell it like it is always and this may be why.


To gain your respect today and to have a voice,

To help a child understand we all have a choice.

Explain to each child they have a purpose and a place,

And not every case is name without a face.


I thank you for your time today just to hear me out,

Also for your trust in me because I know what it's about.

Working together alongside each other is exactly what we need,

Doing together whatever it takes to make sure our kids succeed.


No offense intended to any agency here or race,

Just an attempt to deal with the problems we all face.

Our future generation and the stories that will be told,

Possibly we can heal when our children are no longer sold.



Great White Owl Women