COVID-19: How Your Support Helps Women and Girls During the Pandemic

Must Reads for the Week of December 12

This week, with the end of the 16 days of action to end violence against women, we are proud to learn that Winnipeg is setting an important example by becoming the first Canadian city to sign onto the UN campaign to reduce violence against women.

The Toronto-based grassroots feminist collective, Feministo, further encourages Canadian media to be supportive of survivors by making available an essential toolkit for media when reporting on sexual assault.


You Can Help End Human Trafficking

Sometimes referred to as “modern day slavery”, human trafficking is an extreme form of violence against women that exploits Canada’s most vulnerable girls and women. Traffickers can receive as much as $280,000 per year for each girl or woman they sexually exploit and force into prostitution. The younger the girl, the more money they make.

Through our consultations with 250 organizations and 150 survivors of sex trafficking we learned that many girls are 13-years-old when they are first trafficked into forced prostitution


An Unconventional Holiday List

Holiday ImageMade your list yet? Or should I say lists, in plural?

This time of year, I usually have several different to-do lists on the go: presents to buy, groceries for the big family dinner, an invitation list for our annual Boxing Day party, plus holiday supplies (wrapping paper, cinnamon and aspirin).

But my favourite holiday list is my own personal checklist for charitable giving.

Canadians are generous people, but we don't tend to plan our charitable donations.


Must Reads for the Week of December 6

Must Reads

On Dec 6 each year, we remember the 14 women who lost their lives in the Montreal Massacre 24 years ago today for the sole reason that they were women. And we recommit to raising awareness and supporting programs that will end violence against women.

The issue of Photoshop and peoples unrealistic expectations of women's bodies made the news, along with a recent survey out of the UK that shows that sexism is a daily reality for young girls today.


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