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We’re Raising Girls Who Hate Their Bodies

Girls Quilt

Every day, our daughters are bombarded with lies.

They see these lies everywhere; they are never free of them. They see them on billboards, in TV ads, in movies, in magazines, in video games, and online. Especially online.

Every day, our daughters are presented with one acceptable definition of female beauty: white, tall, thin, large breasts.


Talking to My Son About #Rapeface

Mother and Son Earlier this month, Sandra posted this blog on Huffington Post and it sparked a conversation online and amongst media about the issue. We are re-posting here for those of you who haven’t had a chance to read it.

Last week my 12-year-old son and his friends used a term I hadn't heard before: "rape face." The next day I saw his buddy tag a photo of himself on Instagram with #rapeface.

So we sat down to talk.


Must Reads for the Week of October 31

NewsHappy Halloween! This week, we learned that men and women in Canada aren't as equal as we think.

Parents and kids were on the hunt for halloween costumes that weren't sexy.

Hollywood celebrities, men and women alike, came out publicly in support of feminism and the women's movement.


Necole’s Story


Earlier this month the Canadian Women's Foundation held our Annual Breakfast in Calgary with keynote speaker Geena Davis. The event raised $620,000 to help low-income women, like Necole, on their journey out of poverty.

Momentum is a word that often comes up at the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Nearly every day we learn of another woman who is living proof that if you build on strengths and provide access to the right tools, a woman basically becomes an unstoppable force of positive momentum.


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