If you are in an emergency situation please access 9-1-1.

Do you know someone who is living with violence? You are not alone. Two thirds of Canadians know a woman who has experienced physical or sexual violence.

If you know a woman who is experiencing violence or if you are experiencing violence, the below resources may be of assistance. You can also access these resources and more tips for how to help a woman who has experienced abuse in our Avon Tip Sheet.


Crisis Lines
Many communities (and some women’s shelters) have a 24-hour telephone crisis line. These services are confidential—you don’t need to give your name or phone number. They will listen, answer your questions, and refer you to the services you’re looking for. Look in the front of your phone book, or search online for crisis lines in your community.

Women’s Shelters/Transition Houses
A women’s shelter, sometimes called a transition house, is a special, secure residence designed especially for women who are escaping abusive relationships. They offer women and their children a safe place to sleep, food, clothes, and basic supplies. They also provide counseling, safety planning, and can help women to find housing, employment training, legal support, advice on immigration issues, and other community resources. Look in the front of your phone book, or search online for women’s shelters or transition houses in your community.

If you are in an area that has no shelter or transition house, find out about other agencies offering specialised services for victims of abuse in the phone book, or search online: Support Services


Crisis lines for those affected by gender-based violence- Women and Gender Equality Canada

This Federal government website offers information and lists of community services in each province and territory.


This Ontario-based website will help you to recognize the signs of woman abuse, learn what to do about it, learn how to create a safety plan, and much more.


The YWCA offers programs for women— including shelters, counseling, and employment programs—in nine provinces and one territory.


This website is part of a campaign to reduce woman abuse in Aboriginal communities in Ontario. It includes information for women experiencing abuse, their communities, and front line workers.


This national network of women’s shelters helps to ensure that women and children who use these services receive the most effective, compassionate support possible. They offer a portal to women’s shelter organizations across Canada.